Second circular Plant species-level systematics symposium

Pieter Pelser pelser at NHN.LEIDENUNIV.NL
Mon Mar 18 04:03:10 CST 2002

Second Circular:

A three-day international symposium from 13 to 15 November 2002 in Leiden,
The Netherlands, organized by:

National Herbarium of the Nederlands
International Association of Plant Taxonomists
The Linnean Society of London

Plant systematics has seen some dramatic changes over the past decades,
mainly due to the application of molecular markers in phylogenetic
reconstruction at the generic level and above. In contrast, species-level
patterns and processes in plants are still generally less well understood,
partly because of limited resolution of commonly used phylogenetic markers.
This symposium seeks to review current insights from the fields of
molecular biosystematics and speciation, focussing on the following
selected topics of particular importance:

- Plant species radiations
- Molecular evolution in time and space
- Multiple genomes: plant hybrids, polyploids and systematics
- Identification and diagnostics

The symposium brings together a panel of internationally known experts, as
well as scientist from within the Nationaal Herbarium Nederland. There will
be invited papers as well as contributed papers, which are open for
registration. In addittion, there will be ample opportunity for poster-
presentations. Confirmed speakers include Hans-Jürgen Bandelt, Tim
Barraclough, Jeffrey Bennetzen, Mark Chase, Thomas Givnish, Joachim
Kadereit, Peter Linder, Jeanine Olsen, Vincent Savolainen, Johannes Vogel,
Jonathan Wendel and Niklas Wikström.

Further details can be found on the web at or by e-mail to
symposium2002 at

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