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> >How about using links?
>     Bitte schön, Madame...
>     Jacques Melot

Merci Monsieur,
but that's not what I meant, as this link was given in a previous
email. I was replying to Christian Thompsons comments and meant "how
about using links for your taxon-oriented website?". See below.

> But that does bring up the question of whether we, Systematists,
> should
> merely try to educate our colleagues and users about the diverse set
> of
> tools already available on the web, such as France's Bibliotheque
> Nationale's Gallica site.
> OR should we be EXTRACTing the critical information about our group
> (taxon)
> and build taxonomic oriented sites. So, for example, I would go to
> the
> Gallica site (or probably just scan the Smithsonian copies) and get
> all the
> Diptera description from Linnaeus, Fabricius, etc.
> My opinion, for what it is worth, which isn't much because no one is
> paying
> me for it, is that we need to build taxonomically oriented site to
> give our
> users, one stop shopping for their information. So, that today when
> one
> revises a taxon they would not only publish the traditional species
> treatments (synonymies, descriptions, etc.), but would also scan the
> original literature as appropriate (and legal).

If the literature has already been scanned and put in the web by
someone else, you don't have to do it again to make a taxon-oriented
website. Instead, you simply include a link in your own website.

> On Legal, the most critical and difficult to obtain literature for
> the
> average systematist is the OLD literature which is now without
> copy-right.
> Unless, for example, some one does scan it and, thereafter, issues it
> as a
> "new" work, etc. So, it is possible that one could not simply re-use
> some
> one else's scan of an old work which was posted on the WWW.

Again, no need to "re-use", a link is fine.

New journal: ODE - Organisms, Diversity and Evolution
by the Gesellschaft für Biologische Systematik.

Susanne Schulmeister
Institute of Zoology and Anthropology
University of Göttingen, Germany


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