Links versus hard copy on your site

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue May 14 14:28:57 CDT 2002

     From my own perspective, links are great when they work and are
periodically up-dated.  But in the case of major works like Fabricius, I
would think duplication can't hurt if you have the storage capacity to spare
(especially if you have a better scanner).
     I would note that a major problem I often have is slow-loading of large
files when the scans are unnecessarily detailed.  I always appreciate having
a choice of faster-loading vs. the slower-loading (with more detail).  If
you are going to duplicate scans that have been done by others, you might
want to consider links to those and supplementing with your own scans with
different loading time and detail.  I think it would make the duplication
even more worthwhile, especially when it comes to drawings and photographs.
          ---My two cents worth,

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