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In reply to the original positng by "Beach, James H" <beach at KU.EDU> 05/20/02 21:40 PM ", Robin Leech has pointed out that only printed matter represents effective publication under the Botanical Code (ICBN) -- (

This is correct, but it should, however, be noted that at the XVI International Botanical Congress in St. Louis in 1999, a "Special Committee on Electronic Publishing" was re-established and this Committee is to report to the XVII International Botanical Congress in Vienna in 2005,

The composition and mandate of the Committee is as follows.  [If interested persons want to make representations, particularly PRACTICAL recommendations (given the impermanence of many electronic media), they should do so to the Secretary of the Committee, Richard Zander (rzander at]. 

1) Special Committee on Electronic Publishing.
Mandate: To examine the impact of electronic publishing on the Code. Approval of Gen. Prop. A authorized continuation of the Electronic Publications committee established at the Tokyo Congress.

Convener: K. Wilson (Royal Botanic Gardens, Mrs. Macquarie's Road, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia; karen.wilson at

Secretary: R. Zander (Buffalo Museum of Science, 1020 Humboldt Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14211, U.S.A.; rzander at

Members: B. Baum (DAO, Canada); M. Beasley (BM, U.K.); W. Berendsohn (B; Germany); A. Chapman (E.R.I.N., Canberra, Australia); M. Crosby (MO, U.S.A.); P. Dávila Aranda (MEXU, México); T. Daniel (CAS, U.S.A.); L. J. Dorr (US, U.S.A.); E. Farr (US, U.S.A.); V. Hollowell (MO, U.S.A.); N. Hind (K, U.K); P. Kirk (IMI, U.K.); J. Kirkbride (USDA U.S.A.); P.-A. Loizeau (G, Switzerland); R. Moe (UC, U.S.A.); A. Orchard (A.B.R.S., Canberra, Australia); P. Philipson (RUH, South Africa); J. Reed (NY, U.S.A.); D. Triebel (M, Germany); W. van Welzen (L, Netherlands); J. Zarucchi (MO, U.S.A.), with John McNeill (E, UK) and Fred Barrie (F, U.S.A.) as ex officio members.

The acronyms prior to the country of each member are the herbarium abbreviations of their institutes from Index Herbariorum (

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>>> "Beach, James H" <beach at KU.EDU> 05/20/02 21:40 PM >>>
Hi --

Code warriors help!



Would a code guru kindly explain if it makes any difference to the
legitimacy of the taxa if the articles appear on the net in Science Online
before they are distributed in print? I would assume there is no negative
impact, which date is used formally?

Does anyone know if any of the indexes like the Kew Index or Gray Index or
IPNI have captured in their databases any taxa that have only been described
online?  Even as entries describing them as invalid?

I recall that Barry Hammel at MoBot published a new variety I believe in his
web newsletter 'Leaps and Bounds' a copule of years ago, I wonder if any
index or database picked up on it, - sorry I cannot find the name of it.


Jim Beach
Univ. of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas

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