New angiosperm classification

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu May 23 16:26:13 CDT 2002

Dear All:
     Peter Stevens' updated site on angiosperm phylogeny got me to thinking
about angiosperm "classification".  I have come to the conclusion that
Thorne's broad Order Magniolales is the best way to go (especially as we
start adding in extinct basal families).  It is obviously a paraphyletic
group, but the Kinman System is designed to handle that (and use it to
stabilize the classification and make it easier to remember and comprehend).
     Thorne's Order Magnoliales needs to be expanded slightly to include
Nymphaeaceae, Ceratophyllaceae, and Hynoraceae, and as you can see (below) I
have marked it with my double paraphyletic symbol (%%), in addition to the
exgroup markers for Class Liliopsida and the "eudicots".  Remember that the
main clades are numbered and subclades are lettered (in the order that they
probably split off cladistically).  Here I am only breaking down Order
Magnoliales to family level:


1  Magnoliopsida%
      1  Magnoliales%%
            1  Amborellaceae
            2  Nymphaeaceae
            3  Austrobaileyaceae
            B  Trimeniaceae
            C  Illiciaceae
            D  Schisandraceae
            4  Ceratophyllaceae
            B  {{Ranunculales, etc.}}
                  (= "eudicots")
            5  Chloranthaceae
            6  {{Liliopsida}} (= monocots)
            7  Lactoridaceae
            ?  Hydnoraceae
            B  Aristolochiaceae
            C  Piperaceae
            D  Saururaceae
            8  Canellaceae
            B  Winteraceae
            9  Calycanthaceae
            B  Gomortegaceae
            C  Monimiaceae
            D  Hernandiaceae
            E  Lauraceae
           10  Myristicaceae
           11  Magnoliaceae
           12  Degeneriaceae
            B  Himantandraceae
           13  Eupomaticaeae
           14  Annonaceae
     _1_ Ranunculales
      2  Proteales
      3  Sabiales
      4  Trochodendrales
      B  Buxales
      5  Gunnerales
      6  Caryophyllales ...
          (plus all other dicot orders)

_a_ Liliopsida
      1  Acorales
      2  Alismatales ...
           (plus all other monocot orders)

******************************************* P.S.  Anybody have an opinion on
whether Rafflesiaceae should be placed next to Hydnoraceae (in the
piperalean clade)?  Other suggestions welcome as well.
            ------ Ken Kinman

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