Southern Connection IV conference postponed

Margaret K. Thayer mthayer at FIELDMUSEUM.ORG
Wed May 29 18:32:32 CDT 2002

I've recently learned from a reliable source that the Southern Connection IV
conference planned for January 2003 in Bariloche, Argentina has been
postponed and relocated as a result of the unfortunate economic and
political situation in Argentina.  It will now be held one year later, in
January 2004, in South Africa.  Exact dates and the location will be
announced later.

For those not already familiar with the organization, the aim of Southern
Connection is to provide a venue for communication among scientists,
principally biologists, working on southern temperate ecosystems and biota.
Southern Connection undertakes this role through congresses, meetings,
publications, and other activities.

Member countries of Southern Connection are Australia, New Zealand, Chile,
Argentina and South Africa (known as the 'Gondwana countries'), and
countries from North America and Europe. Southern Connection is a non
profit organization.

Previous Southern Connection congresses have been held in Australia (1993),
Chile (1997) and New Zealand (2000).

For additional information, see the Southern Connection web site
(which does not, at this writing, have information about the postponement).

I do not have any further information about the change in plans, so please
do not contact me for that purpose.  The change affected my plans, so I
offered to post this notice to help others who might be similarly affected.

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