Holotypes (Digital shipping)

Julian Humphries humphries at MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU
Wed Oct 2 11:25:15 CDT 2002

Ken Kinman wrote:
> Dear All,
>      In the future, I would imagine holotypes will be increasingly
> inspected via electronic image databases.  A check of images online may
> suffice in many cases---for example, the shape of the genitalia in spiders
> (if you don't already have it available in the original description)....

For those interested in pursuing "digital" reconstructions of organisms,
  you might look a http://digimorph.org for an example of the
possibilities of true digital reconstruction of organisms from
high-resolution computed tomography.  The advantages over photography
are numererous:  no parallex issues, ability to take accurate
measurements in all dimensions, internal and external morphology,
ability to view at lots of scales and so forth.  Of course, it is more
expensive, and CT produces lots of data, but I believe there are many
cases where the investment is worth the expense.

Julian Humphries
Geological Sciences
University of Texas

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