Herbarium Pest Control

erast e.parmasto at ZBI.EE
Thu Oct 3 12:19:00 CDT 2002

In the mycological Herbarium of the Institute of Zoology & Botany, Tartu,
Estonia, we had earlier great trouble with insects: many fleshy and
woody specimens (esp. pore fungi) are infected when collected
already. We had great losses, nothing helped (carbon tetrachloride
and other ugly and harmful for people things). Now all this is
forgotten - after we deep-freezed all herbarium (some 120,000
specimens then), and all new specimens
collected are immediately deep-freezed at -30 centigrades during 3-5
   The only question is: does it or does not influence the results of DNA
extracting for sequencing ??? There have been some hints that it
does. Any comments?
   Erast Parmasto
Donna I. Ford-Werntz <dford2 at WVU.EDU>:
In the process of moving to new quarters live herbarium beetles were
discovered in some backlog material (stored in improper conditions).  What
is everyone doing these days for pest control?  The present concern is to
specifically eradicate this pest from a relatively small amount of
material.  However, I would be interested in broader dicussion of
prevention/treatment methods also!
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