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For those who are interested 

Managing the Modern Herbarium  is pulblished by the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections (SPNHC) and is distributed by University Products Inc.   The order form is available on the SPNHC website 

Chapter 4 - Sensitivity of Seeds in Herbarium Collections to Storage Conditions, and Implications for Thermal Pest Control Methods,  by Tom Strang  makes reference to the implications of low temperature pest control on DNA recovery from specimens. 

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>>> "Donna I. Ford-Werntz" <dford2 at WVU.EDU> 10/03/02 12:30pm >>>
Thanks for all the great feedback (both posted and to me directly); I knew
that I could count on my colleagues to come through!  (The choices for me
are clear: IPNI and deep freezing, respectively).  For more about pest
control, the papers by Strang & by Barringer in SPNHC's "Managing the
Modern Herbarium" (Metsger, ed., 1999) were recommended (now if only I
could find in what box the movers packed my copy...).  I'm compiling a list
of the various freezing procedures I received and will be happy to send it
to anyone wanting more specific details.

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