photocopying, scanning herbarium sheets

Piet Stoffelen piet at BR.FGOV.BE
Fri Oct 4 16:10:07 CDT 2002

You can use a scanner upside down, then you do not turn the specimen
upside down, no damage, no problem

"Steven R. Manchester" wrote:

> >More than one botanist I know has taken to calling such photocopied
> >(the 11" x 17" paper is conveniently about the same size as a
> >standard herbarium sheets) or scanned-and-printed images "xerotypes"
> >or "xeroxtypes." Monique Reed
> I was taught never to turn an herbarium specimen upside down due to
> the damage from pieces that will fall away from the sheet.  How does
> one prepare photocopies or scans of herbarium sheets without causing
> more damage than would have occurred by actually loaning the
> specimens?
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