FW: [PEET-L] FW: PEET and the Tree of Life

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A reminder about U.S. National Science Foundation program for
PEET: Partnerships for Enhancing Expertise in Taxonomy,
next deadline: March 1, 2003...

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Subject: [PEET-L] FW: PEET and the Tree of Life

trying once again...

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> Subject:      PEET and the Tree of Life
> Dear PEET Colleagues:
>       The first awards from the NSF Assembling the Tree of Life
> competition have now all been posted to the NSF website and are listed on
> the following link:
> http://www.nsf.gov/bio/pubs/awards/atol_02.htm [note the underscore for
> atol_02].
> A number of these should be relevant to PEET projects, especially the
> nematode, spider, primitive plant, and fungi folk. If you haven't done so
> already (perhaps as part of the proposal submission itself!), you should
> make contact with the PIs and explore ways to integrate the training and
> databasing components of PEET with the research and databasing components
> of AToL, ideally to mutual benefit. You might also give thought to
> assisting your European colleagues as many of them try to develop
> PEET-like and Tree-of-Life like activities through the European Framework
> 6 Programme of funding.
> And a reminder: the fifth special competition for PEET (announcement NSF
> 00-140) has a March 1, 2003 deadline (a Saturday, so we'll accept
> proposals by COB on Monday, March 3).
> Cheers,
> James Rodman
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