funding for Revisionary Syntheses in Systematics (REVSYS)

Platnick, Norman I. nplatnic at NSF.GOV
Wed Oct 16 10:08:53 CDT 2002

Colleagues:  May I please direct your attention to the new Dear Colleague
letter (NSF 03-007) regarding Revisionary Syntheses in Systematics (REVSYS),
which can be found on the (U.S.) National Science Foundation website at:

Here are some relevant excerpts:

Two of our core programs within the Division of Environmental Biology --
Systematic Biology (SysBio) and Biodiversity Surveys and Inventories (BS&I)
-- encourage the submission of proposals aimed at synthesizing available and
new species-level information in the context of providing revisionary
treatments and predictive classifications of particular groups of organisms.

Titles of proposals emphasizing such Revisionary Syntheses in Systematics
should be prefaced with "REVSYS:", and those proposals can be submitted to
either the BS&I or SysBio programs.

Our goals are to help revitalize revisionary systematics, so that it fully
utilizes modern information technology at all stages, from data capture
(e.g., digital imaging, geo-referencing, etc.) and analysis (e.g., sequence
alignments, phylogeny reconstructions, GIS, image analysis, etc.) through to
electronic presentation and dissemination of the results.  Interactive keys
and automated recognition systems have enormous potential for enabling
accurate identifications of organisms by non-specialists, but only for those
groups that have been thoroughly revised by knowledgeable specialists.

The target date for submissions to either BS&I or SysBio is January 10,
2003.  Depending on the availability of funds, we anticipate investing up to
$2.5 million in FY2003 in proposals meeting the above criteria.

Dr. Norman I. Platnick
Program Director, Biodiversity Surveys and Inventories
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Please note the new target dates:
  Jan. 10, 2003 (for BS&I and Planetary Biodiversity Inventories)
  July 10, 2003 (for BS&I only) ... for details see NSF 02-186

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