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Thu Oct 17 10:39:14 CDT 2002

in Plant Systematics 

At the Biosystematics Group (Department of Plant Science) of Wageningen

Position number: DPW 02-23
Location: Wageningen, The Netherlands

The plant systematics research groups of the universities of Leiden,
Utrecht and Wageningen form an inter-university research institute: the
Nationaal Herbarium Nederland (NHN). 

Information relative to the position:
The NHN thrives to generate and distribute knowledge related to nature and
origin of botanical diversity, using collections and associated
information, to offer a foundation to botanical sciences and contribute to
conservation and durable management of natural resources. 
The Biosystematics Group has a vacancy for an Assistant Professor who will
contribute to the development of a research programme that fits within the
context of the NHN and the Department of Plant Science, aimed at modern
phylogenetic and systematic research on African Annonaceae. We expect the
candidate to, in close co-operation with the professor, formulate and
execute a research programme and publish the results, while there is a
possibility to increase the available capacity for this programme. Giving
an interpretation to the co-operation within the NHN, the Department of
Plant Science and internationally is of utmost importance. Besides that,
he/she initiates externally funded projects, contributes to the guidance of
MSc and PhD students, and offers a substantial contribution to the
education programme of the Biosystematics Group. 

Plant systematist with the degree of doctor, able to show a high level of
independence in the above mentioned tasks, with broad experience in the
application of modern phylogenetic methods in plant systematics, broad
experience in scientific publication, experience in obtaining external
funds for research projects, demonstrable educational skills and good
organisational and communicative skills. 

Temporary contract of  24 months (with chances for a fixed contract) for 4
days/week. Gross salary max. € 4420 (scale 12), based upon a full time

Contact Prof.dr. M.S.M. Sosef, tel. (+31) 317-48-3306/3160.
E-mail: Marc.Sosef at

Applications mentioning position number should be received before November
12, 2002 and addressed to Mrs. D. Wissink, Droevendaalsesteeg 1, 6708 PB
Wageningen, The Netherlands. E-mail: Dorien.Wissink at

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