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Doug Yanega dyanega at POP.UCR.EDU
Mon Oct 21 09:30:43 CDT 2002

>I need some help to obtain geographical data (latitud and longitud)
>of some New
>World localities. I will be deeply grateful, if someone can help me. The
>localities are the following:
>1) Mexico, Guerrero, Xucumanatlan
>2) Mexico, Omilteme
>3) Costa Rica, Mera
>4) Argentina, Alto ParanĀ·
>Please, reply to ssnihei at bio.ufpr.br

Silvio: all geographic place names in the world are available at the
following website:


If a name is not in this database, it may be spelled incorrectly, so
you should learn to use the "wild card" search feature.

Favor, dar felicidades ao Padre Moure e Danuncia Urban,

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