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Give the student a break. He is just learning.

First, students may find the Getty Gazetter more friendly. So, try

BUT old names are frequently NOT in any modern gazetteer. For example,
the first two locality are from the Biologia Centrali-Americana and do
not run well in either online source.

So, for the Biologia material, use Selander & Vaurie (1962, American
Museum Novitates 2099) which covers all the localities mentioned in the
Insecta portion of the Biologia.

Omilteme = Omiltemi, Guerrero, Mexico (17 30N 99 40W)
Xucumanatlan = Xucumanatlan, Guerrero, Mexico is described as "a small
settlement 2 miles north of Omiltemi"

I don't know the either the "Mera" or "Alto Parana"  Obviously, there
is a Rio Alto Parana in Argentina, which leads the second point. In
trying to geo-code old localities from Insect specimen labels it is
useful to have the name of the collector and the date of the collection.

In short, simply going the GeoNameServer isn't going to solve your
problem of old localities on insect labels.

>>> Doug Yanega <dyanega at POP.UCR.EDU> 10/21/02 12:30PM >>>
>I need some help to obtain geographical data (latitud and longitud)
>of some New
>World localities. I will be deeply grateful, if someone can help me.
>localities are the following:
>1) Mexico, Guerrero, Xucumanatlan
>2) Mexico, Omilteme
>3) Costa Rica, Mera
>4) Argentina, Alto Paran+
>Please, reply to ssnihei at bio.ufpr.br

Silvio: all geographic place names in the world are available at the
following website:


If a name is not in this database, it may be spelled incorrectly, so
you should learn to use the "wild card" search feature.

Favor, dar felicidades ao Padre Moure e Danuncia Urban,

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