data localities

Una Smith una at LANL.GOV
Mon Oct 21 11:15:42 CDT 2002

Does anyone besides me have a problem with "placing" other
people's old localities merely by looking up their names in a
database?  Without reference to the collector's field notes;
or maps or gazetteers from the collector's time;  or careful
reconstruction from the published literature of that time and
examination of hundreds of museum/herbarium labels from the
same collector or other collectors in the same general area?
I did the same thing this student is doing now, when I began,
before I learned how to use the literature.  Some of my look-
ups were pretty close;  several were off by hundreds or even
thousands of miles (or km).

        Una Smith

Los Alamos National Laboratory, MS K-710, Los Alamos, NM  87545

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