prokaryotic evolution (followup)

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Oct 22 05:00:00 CDT 2002

Dear All,
     I accidentally sent the previous post before it was finished.  Luckily
it had no big typos.   Anyway, the conclusion that myoglobin could react
with gases other than molecular oxygen is mere speculation based on the
assumption that Metabacteria ("Archaea") are more ancient than eubacteria.
Maybe they could react with other gases, but not necessarily.
      As I stated in the first post, I believe molecular oxygen WAS present
between the layers of the mats of ancient stromatolites (a waste product
which could be tapped for energy production).  And the evolution of
primitive myoglobin genes could have easily been associated with molecular
oxygen.  To argued otherwise is circular reasoning based on an uncritical
acceptance of Woesian phylogenies.
       As I have argued for some years now, the Woesian "Three Urkingdoms"
(and the spin-doctored replacement "Three Domains" of 1990) are most likely
the result of over two decades of circular (and thus faulty) reasoning.  In
my opinion that it's a vicious cycle that should be reevaluated and
hopefully ended.  Only when more cyanobacterial genomes have been completely
sequenced will this become really apparent.  Unfortunately our American
scientists are probably concentrating their attention on the wrong
cyanobacteria.  But this may have directly resulted because they have been
fooled into believing that "Archaebacteria" are more ancient than
eubacteria.  We shall see.
              ------ Ken Kinman

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