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Phil Bunch pbunch at CTS.COM
Tue Oct 22 06:03:03 CDT 2002

I agree completely. Even in a small country like South Africa one finds
numerous locations with the same name, often quite distant from one
another. Sorting these out without additional information can be dangerous
and time consuming. This is particularly true where the name of farms are
involved and in a largely rural country many duplicate name may occur. Some
may be located relatively near one another.

Phil Bunch

Una Smith wrote:

>Does anyone besides me have a problem with "placing" other
people's old localities merely by looking up their names in a
database?  Without reference to the collector's field notes;
or maps or gazetteers from the collector's time;  or careful
reconstruction from the published literature of that time and
examination of hundreds of museum/herbarium labels from the
same collector or other collectors in the same general area?
I did the same thing this student is doing now, when I began,
before I learned how to use the literature.  Some of my look-
ups were pretty close;  several were off by hundreds or even
thousands of miles (or km).

        Una Smith<

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