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Here's one more giant searchable gazetteer (Jim Luteyn's), just for paramo
localities in Latin America:

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Subject: data localities - a summary of the provided data

  Dear Taxacomers,

Many thanks for everyone who quickly and kindly help me. To complement
the information provided by everyone and to help any other
student/professor who has some similar doubt, I have summarized the
available data, as follows bellow:

1) Mexico, Guerrero, Xucumanatlan: In fact, its correct spelling seems
to be "Xocomanatlan". The complete location is Xocomanatlan/Chilpancingo
de Los Bravo/Guerrero state/Mexico (Lat 17°33'N, Long 99°38'W).
Xocomanatlan is about 22km West of Chilpancingo (capital of Guerrero
state). The information present in SELANDER & VAURIE, 1962: Am. Mus.
Novit. 2099:66 for this locality, as a "small settlement 2 miles north
of Omilteme and essentially the same", seems to be very congruent with
the above data.

2) Mexico, Omilteme: Probably, the locality refers to "Omiltemi" (or
"Omiltemic"), at Chilpancingo de Los Bravo/Guerrero state/Mexico, with
Lat 17°33´N and Long 99°42´W, and about 30km West of Chilpancingo.

3) Costa Rica, Mera: No data available, not even when contacting the
Instituto Geografico Nacional (a Costa Rican governmental agency).

4) Argentina, Alto Paraná: There is some ambiguous data available on the
provided e-sources (Gazeteers and other online databases). And, as the
specimen's label data has no additional information, it is being very
dificult to locate this locality. It can be any region of the Upper
Paraná River, along Argentina's territory.

The sites suggested to search place names are:

There is another on-line gazeteer I frequently use, that is:
http://www.calle.com/world/ [This one is also very usefull, since it
provides besides the geocoordinates the maps containing the searched
locality in different scales]

Kind regards and, again, many thanks,

Silvio Shigueo Nihei.

Graduate Studies in Entomology
Department of Zoology
Paraná Federal University
Curitiba, PR, Brazil.


ssnihei at bio.ufpr.br
silvionihei at yahoo.com

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