locality names

Monique Reed monique at MAIL.BIO.TAMU.EDU
Wed Oct 23 08:57:54 CDT 2002

Down here in Texas, we have lots of fun.  For example, Caddo Lake State Park does not actually include Caddo Lake.  Caddo Lake is down the road near Uncertain, TX (which just goes to show that they weren't quite sure *where* the lake was.)  We also have a whole string of cities--including Houston and Austin- which are not in the counties with corresponding names.

Monique Reed, TAMU, 
wondering how many Cedar Creeks there are...

 James Kruse wrote: Up in the land of "Moose Lake"s and "Salmon River"s, my favorites include the multitudes of "No Name" Lake/River/Hill, etc., and "Un-named" Lake/Creek/etc., which sometimes _are_ the names, but then some are actually without a name, or un-named, which amounts to some exasperation around here.

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