Alsophis antillensis Sibonus (or Sibonius), Culubridae ?, Serpentes

Friedrich LAURIA friedrich.lauria at NHM-WIEN.AC.AT
Thu Oct 24 23:31:37 CDT 2002


Thank you very much. Your info was very helpful indeed. I will
eventually track down Cope's paper which may state something about the
etymology of the epithet 'sibonius'.

Friedrich Lauria
Dept. of Botany
Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

Ken Kinman wrote:
> Friedrich,
>      Actually "sibonius" appears to be a subspecies name (not an author).
> Alsophis antillensis sibonius was named by Cope in 1879 (holotype at the
> USNM).  It is a Colubrid snake.
>      Sometimes subspecies names are capitalized in the older literature, so
> perhaps your friend mistakenly thought "Sibonius" was an author's name?
>      ---- Hope this helps,
>                          Ken
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