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Giulio Cuccodoro's comment that labels can be fun reminds me of my
attempts to identify the type locality of the eurybrachyid planthopper
Navorillana bothrops Fennah (1964). Fennah named the genus after his
interpretation of the type locality from the handwritten label but there
is no locality called Navorillana in Australia. I originally thought it
might have been a misinterpretation of Maralinga considering that the
original data label was itself an interpretation of somebody's field
notes. Mick Webb at the Natural History Museum pointed me in the right
direction eventually after examining the type material. The collector was
Capt S.A. White who was a prominent South Australian ornithologist who
also collected insects. Musgrave (1932) lists two papers published in 1914
(one by A.M. Lea and the other by White himself) describing White's
excursions into Central Australia and the place he collected this species
was apparently "Moorillyana North Well". A discussion and illustrations of
Navorillana can be found at

Fennah's generic name remains as a monument to poor handwriting.

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