Hymenoptera classification

Richard Pyle deepreef at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG
Sat Oct 26 05:58:09 CDT 2002


EXCELLENT post.  This is by far the best articulation of the problem that I
have ever seen.  Well done!

I do have one quibble/clarification, though (if for nothing else, than to
temper all this agreement stuff between us lately...) :-)

> Some of these senus may be the same, or overlap with
> varying degrees of inclusivity, or miss each other
> completely.

The last of these can only happen in the case where one of these "sensus" is
a misidentification, or applies to a name above the rank of family.  My
technical definition of a "misidentification" is the application of a taxon
name by a reference to a taxonomic concept or circumscription that excludes
the primary type of said name.  In all other cases of names covered by the
codes, the sensus must minimally overlap at the primary type specimen of the
name (which extends to generic and familial names via type species and type
genera). At least that's how it works in the Z-World.  Any difference in the


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