Vespina a clade name??

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Oct 26 23:08:02 CDT 2002

Dear All,
      Does anyone know if Vespina is a hymenopteran clade name?   The only
Vespina I know of is a lepidopteran genus.  There is a hymenopteran clade
Vespinae (subfamily within Vespidae), but surely that doesn't clade with
      Please tell me that Susanne made a couple of typos, and that "Vespina"
isn't a large clade of hymenopterans.  Otherwise, I think I will need to
take an aspirin and perhaps scream into a pillow.
             ------ Ken
P.S.   By the way, I do not worry about any particular cladists wanting to
create one-word names for every clade.  It's the combined results of hordes
of phylocoding cladists over time.  If one strict cladist doesn't name a
newly discovered clade, someone else eventually will (it's human nature for
biologists to want getting their names attached to scientific names).  It's
gotten so bad in dinosaur science that there are already multiple names for
some clades.  I think I am just being realistic and strict cladists are
being naively optimistic that the dinosaur situation will not be repeated in
many other groups and get worse over time.  PhyloCode is a Pandora's Box
that is best left shut.

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