Sensu lato

Gurcharan Singh singhg at SATYAM.NET.IN
Sun Oct 27 16:30:25 CST 2002

ICZN or ICBN, the logic says that in the same publication it would
irrelevant to treat a group  sensu lato as well as sensu stricto. If I am
including all the three subfamilies (Faboideae, Caesalpinioideae, and
Mimosoideae) under the same family I call it Fabaceae sensu lato but if
treat them as independant families one of them (upgraded Faboideae) is
Fabaceae sensu stricto.

    Similarly Tenthredinoidea sensu lato would include Blasticotomidae.
Tenthredinoidea sensu stricto accordingly would  exclude Blasticotomidae.
You can't take both stands in the same publication. It is not a matter of
circumscription and not cladistics

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From: "Ken Kinman" <kinman at HOTMAIL.COM>
> Would an
> entomologist use both Tenthredinoidea sensu lato and sensu stricto
> in a published classification?

 Susanne wrote:
> >In my group at least, the Tenthredinoidea sensu lato are comprised of
> >the Blasticotomidae plus the Tenthredinoidea sensu stricto.

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