Vespina is a clade name

Susanne Schulmeister susanne71_2000 at YAHOO.DE
Sun Oct 27 21:51:59 CST 2002

>       Does anyone know if Vespina is a hymenopteran clade name?   The
> only
> Vespina I know of is a lepidopteran genus.  There is a hymenopteran
> clade
> Vespinae (subfamily within Vespidae), but surely that doesn't clade
> with
> Xiphydrioidea.
>       Please tell me that Susanne made a couple of typos, and that
> "Vespina"
> isn't a large clade of hymenopterans.  Otherwise, I think I will need
> to
> take an aspirin and perhaps scream into a pillow.

It was introduced by Rasnitsyn (1988) for Apocrita+Orussidae. You can
also find it in that new "History of Insects" I mentioned, on page 244
(right margin). It may not be the best name for this clade, but I felt
that because that name is already out there in the literature, I can't
just go about and make up a new one. What is it that you hate so much
about that name?


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