Why I hate "Vespina" - an actual clade

Denis Brothers Brothers at NU.AC.ZA
Tue Oct 29 14:18:38 CST 2002

The name Vespina as used by Rasnitsyn derives from a proposal by the
great Russian palaeoentomologist Rohdendorf (and promoted by Rasnitsyn
and colleagues in Moscow) to typify the names of all animal taxa,
including those above the family-group level (which are not covered by
the ICZN and which have traditionally never been typified). This
involves the addition of appropriate suffixes to the stem based on a
genus name. The type they designated for the Hymenoptera (which should
be called Vespida in their system) is the genus _Vespa_. Hence, higher
taxa which include _Vespa_ must have names formed from "Vesp-" with the
appropriate suffix. Hence, Vespina (I forget whether that ending is
actually for a suborder or some other category). (Events have overtaken
their proposal, however, since the ending "-ina" is now mandated by the
ICZN for subtribes, which will cause confusion.)

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