Uniform endings (was:"Vespina")

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Oct 29 16:33:39 CST 2002

Denis and Barry,
       Denis, thanks for the information.  As you know, I only code (or
"informally" name) intermediate category taxa, so I don't use formal tribes
anyway.  As Fred said, one can choose not to "use" a name.  Of course, I
will continue to use Vespina for the genus of lepidopteran.

     Barry, I had no big problems with mites in my 1994 classification.
Being a well-crafted combination of both tradition and cladification, the
Kinman System quite easily goes with the flow.  The 7 Orders of mites
appeared at the end of my classification of arachnids (I'm omitting
geological ranges here):

7  Opilioacarida (notostigmatans; 1 fam.)
B  Holothyrida (tetrastigmatans; 2 fam.)
C  Ixodida (ticks; 3 families)
D  Gamasida (mesostigmatans; 76 fam.)
8  Actinedida (prostigmatans; 133 fam.)
9  Acarida (astigmatans; 65 fam.)
10  Oribatida (beetle mites; 145 families)

      It's all just a matter of incorporating all the best ideas into a
single comprehensive system.  One of the main objections to the Kinman
System is that it allows the occasional use of paraphyletic groups (even
though it does not mandate such use).  My classification of arachnids was
completely cladistic (no paraphyletic groups at all).  By the way,  I may
decide to split off the heterostigmatan mites as an eighth Order, and I
guess Tarsonemida would be the most appropriate name.
     --------- Cheers, Ken
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>Subject: Re: Uniform endings (was:"Vespina")
>Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 17:41:30 +0200
>Article 29.2 of the latest edition of the ICZN mandates -ini for tribes
>and -ina for subtribes (categorical levels previously left unregulated),
>in addition to the familiar -oidea for superfamilies, -idae for families
>and -inae for subfamilies. (It has nothing to say about names at higher
>levels than those.)
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