Uniform endings (was:"Vespina")

Doug Yanega dyanega at POP.UCR.EDU
Tue Oct 29 11:13:13 CST 2002

Denis Brothers wrote:

>Article 29.2 of the latest edition of the ICZN mandates -ini for tribes
>and -ina for subtribes (categorical levels previously left unregulated),
>in addition to the familiar -oidea for superfamilies, -idae for families
>and -inae for subfamilies. (It has nothing to say about names at higher
>levels than those.)

There are commonly conflicts with generic names; numerous genera end
with -ini, -ina (e.g., Vespina), and even -oidea (e.g., the wasp
genera Aphelinoidea, Encyrtoidea, and Trichogrammatoidea, plus at
least 25 other such genera). If someone ever creates a superfamily
called Aphelinoidea, Encyrtoidea or Trichogrammatoidea (not
impossible, given that Aphelinidae, Encyrtidae and Trichogrammatidae
are all family names), it'll be a mess.


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