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> > At 3:49 PM +0100 10/29/02, Susanne Schulmeister wrote:
> > >I still argued that we can't ignore a name that's out there simply
> > >because we do not like how and why it was formed....
> >
> > Actually, we can, as long as it's for an animal taxon above the
> family
> > group, because such names aren't regulated by the ICZN.
> * well, under the ICZN you can *not use* the name, but if priority is
> the fundamental principle of nomenclature, you can't *ignore* it

thanks, that's what I meant, actually. I meant "we can't" like "it
wouldn't be nice" or "we ought not to". I meant the "moral" rule of
priority, out of respect for other people's previous efforts.
(In addition to trying to keep the number of names down.)


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