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Vladimir Gusarov vlad at KU.EDU
Wed Oct 30 04:42:15 CST 2002

Dear Robert,

As someone who published in Zootaxa I could not resist making a few comments.

I agree that a PDF file made available on the Web does not constitute a
publication in ICZN sense. I would consider any such file as A COPY of the
paper published by a method accepted by the Code. A photocopy I receive
from a colleague or from a library may be very helpful in my work but of
course the photocopy is not a publication, just a copy. It is often
sufficient for my work, but when I need to investigate the publication date
or if the photocopy quality is too poor I go to the library to see the

I do not agree when you seem to say that "the print versions and only the
print versions [of Zootaxa -VG] are the
taxonomic works" BECAUSE the PDF version has lower resolution or differs
from the original published on paper in any other way. Only the print
version of Zootaxa represents the published work (in ICZN sense) BECAUSE
the distribution through the Web is specifically excluded by Article 9.8.

Before I started publishing in Zootaxa I ordered a few issues through
Interlibrary Loan and compared them with the files I downloaded and printed
out. They were identical in all respects and I felt pretty safe about
publishing in that journal.

Another interesting problem (not nomenclatural) with the copies placed on
the Web is that the monitor has to be calibrated to allow the accurate
representation of the drawings or photographs. I became aware of this when
I was reading the proofs of my paper (received in PDF format) on the
screen. Proportions of the illustrated details on the screen were quite
different from those I observed when I printed out the file. The editor of
Zootaxa explained to me that the problem was with my monitor which has not
been calibrated. Whenever a particular PDF file is printed out the
proportions always stay the same.


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