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Thu Oct 31 09:34:50 CST 2002

The real issue is do we stick with tried and true methods of ink on paper
(with all its associated problems) or do we break with tradition and move
into the Web age (with all its associated problems).  On the one hand it's a
tough issue and on the other hand the issue is crystal clear.

If you want to go down the "a photocopy isn't a real copy" path then the
answer is the former, stick with ink on paper.  If you want to get your
information out to the next generation of users (of all ages) then you
better move to the Web because they won't be looking for it in the library -
they'll be asking Google or Yahoo or GBIF or "Names-R-Us.org" and expecting
an ePrint to appear in their email inbox.  The world is changing, like it or

Steve Shattuck
CSIRO Entomology
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