Silesaurus (New dinosaur the oldest?)

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     Actually if Silesaurus is now the oldest dinosaur, it is only slightly
older than the early South American dinosaurs (like Eoraptor).  So its exact
age isn't going to be as scientifically interesting as its relationships to
these other "oldest dinosaurs" (although the press will no doubt be making a
bigger deal of the age, since the public is more interested in "the oldest",
"the biggest", "the fastest", and other Guinness Record superlatives).  :-)
     Anyway, from what little information the authors have given out so far,
Silesaurus is most likely a very early ornithischian or sauropodomorph
(prosauropod?), perhaps something like Pisanosaurus or Saturnalia (or
both?).  It will hopefully clarify the relationships between those groups
(and perhaps to the early theropods as well).  The debate over whether
Eoraptor is really a theropod will probably resurface, but whether
Silesaurus will settle that debate is hard to predict.  We shall see as more
information is released.  The big question right now is whether Silesaurus
has any signs of (such as a dentary facet for) a predentary bone.
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>Thanks, Ken.  Very enlightening.  230 million year old.
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> > Dear All,
> >       Exciting news!!!  A new dinosaur (Silesaurus opolensis) from the
> > Triassic of Poland is said to be the oldest known dinosaur.  Should
> > quite a stir in the dinosaur world.
> >       The artist's rendition shows it as being quadrupedal (but it
> > look like an obligate quadruped).  You could perhaps imagine it running
> > (and clambering around in) trees, almost like a monkey.  It can be seen
> > here:
> >,34471,1079221.html
> >
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