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>According to the original publication, Narcissus assoanus Dufour in
>Schult. & J.H. Schult., Syst. Veg. 7, 2 (1830) 962, is a renaming of N.
>jonquilla var. uniflora Asso, Syn. Stirp. Aragon. (1779), page not given.

Yes, it long has been a common practice, when creating a nomen novum, to
"compensate" the original author by basing the new epithet on his/her name,
in adjectival form.  Schultes, who detected many later homonyms in his
encyclopedic work, did this quite frequently.

Amazing, isn't it, how many questions can be answered clearly and
unambiguously by recourse to the original literature?  (By way of dredging
up a thread from several weeks ago.)

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