Gangolf Jobb gangolf at TREEFINDER.DE
Mon Sep 30 10:59:07 CDT 2002

Dear Taxacomers,

I am proud to announce the world's fastest maximum likelihood phylogeny
program on a PC. I call it


and it can be downloaded free of charge from my website

It computes evolutionary trees from nucleotide sequences under various
evolution models up to the general time reversible model with Gamma
distributed rates among sites.

TREEFINDER has a graphical frontend that makes its use very intuitve.
Besides, it is programmable in the functional script language TL, which
is useful to implement simulations, to automate series of analyses, or
to do parametric bootstrapping.

In a simulation study I have shown, that TREEFINDER is many times faster
in reconstructing trees than other popular programs (e.g. fastDNAml,
PAUP*, TREE-PUZZLE) while being equally or more accurate than these. The
results of this study are also puplished on my website.

TREEFINDER is available for Pentium PC under Windows and LINUX operating
systems, and also on the Macintosh under Mac OS X.

Comments and suggestions regarding TREEFINDER or my website are welcome.
And so are well-paid job offers from nice institutes.


Gangolf Jobb

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