systematics V taxonomy

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Of course the other major difference between TAXONOMY and SYSTEMATICS is
that the former is of Greek origin, and the latter is of Latin origin.
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> Susan et al.,
> I would vote for "mostly semantic."  The fact that we have a term "alpha
> taxonomy" to describe the older methodologies seems to imply that there
> other types of taxonomy as well, which most would probably put under the
> broader name, "systematics", but could equally well continue to call
> "taxonomy."  This leads up to what I think was Jacques Melot's point which
> is, do we really need two terms at present since they historically meant
> just about the same thing?  On this , I would say "no, we don't need two
> terms, but we have them!"  (Parenthetically, had the language regarding
> term "biology" evolved similarly to that which has happened to the term
> "taxonomy", we would probably be calling organismal biology "alpha
> and the rest something else most of the time.)
> Cheers,
> Steve
> At 05:00 PM 9/5/02 -0400, Susan B. Farmer wrote:
> >Several grad students were sitting around discussing/debating the
> >differences between systematics and taxonomy.  Are there *really*
> >any differences, or is the distincting mostly semantic?
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