Paragenomics and Orthogenomics

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There are two homology types in genes:

Orthologous – Orthologs are direct evolutionary counterparts related by 
vertical descent. Typically have the same domain architecture and 
function. Difficult to establish in the absence of functional evidence 
unless the genomes for the species being compared have been extensively 
sequenced and compared to other genomes. A group of BLAST hits with E 
values  more lower  than the rest of the search results are likely 
orthologs. There may be  more than one gene in an organism that is 
orthologous if there has been gene duplication subsequent to speciation.

Paralogous - Paralogs are genes within the same genome related by 



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> Dear members,
> Could anyone please explain  to me the meaning of the words, 
> paragenomics and orthogenomics?  Are they both related to 
> "comparative genomics" or "evolutionary bioinformatics?"
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