Schistocerca nitens (Thunberg)

Bernarr Kumashiro Bernarr_R_Kumashiro at EXEC.STATE.HI.US
Tue Sep 17 16:34:30 CDT 2002

I've been asked by a fellow co-worker to post this on the list.

Recently someone commissioned to study fauna on the rarely -travelled -to
Northwestern Hawaiian Islands observed  the vagrant grasshopper,
Schistocerca niten, ravaging vegetation on one of the islands. This species
was formerly known as S. vaga (a synonym?).  Although it has been present
on the major Hawaiian Islands for over  40 years, this species was usually
considered inconspicuous and nowhere close to be called a major pest. As
far as I know, there are no parasites controlling it. I seem to recall that
Gordon Nishida, from the Bishop Museum, mentioning that he observed such a
sight while on an expedition to the NW Hawaiian Islands a few years ago, so
that would confirm the present observation. Question is: has anyone else in
other parts of the world observed such a phenomenon concerning this

Sorry for cross-posting.


Bernarr Kumashiro
Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture

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