Fwd: Private Collections (Apologies for cross-posting)

Daniel Janzen djanzen at SAS.UPENN.EDU
Wed Sep 25 08:55:15 CDT 2002

Would this concept be usefully broadened to include large collections of
material made for inventory?  These specimens will eventually end up in
large public collections, but in the process of getting there are first a
large deposit (of many taxa) in one place (not necessarily a "taxonomic
institution"), and then when sorted, sub-collections available for, or
destined to, study by both private and public collections/taxonomists,
before they finally end up deposited in bulk (or separate) in a public
collection (or rarely, a private collection if that is where the relevant
taxonomic expertise lies).   Dan Janzen

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>Subject:      Private Collections (Apologies for cross-posting)
>One of my colleagues is presently investigating the creation of an
>organisation of private / personal taxonomic collections which could go a
>long way towards addressing the concerns of long term preservation of the
>material, access to specimen catalogues and availability of  material for
>study by other workers. It may also solve some of the problems of  private
>investigator access to public collections.
>If there is anyone on this list who has a personal collection and would like
>to learn more of this initiative then I ask them to contact me off-list
>(lynn.raw at virgin.net) and I will forward their details to my colleague. This
>will also allow them to put forward their own ideas of how this should
>Thank you.
>Lynn Raw

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