Private Collections (Apologies for cross-posting)

Lynn Raw lynn.raw at VIRGIN.NET
Wed Sep 25 18:55:17 CDT 2002

 Since this whole concept is in the very early stages of development I see
 reason that your suggestion should not be incorporated as well. I can also
 see some benefit for some of the smaller institutions in such an
 organisation.   The concept was originally conceived by Martin Pickersgill
 as an organisation limited to African herpetofaunal collections but it
 so fundamentally useful that I believe that it should be expanded to
 all forms of taxonomic collections.

 I think that this concept is going to need a lot of thought put into the
initial planning and I would welcome your on-going input as we try to set up
an organisation that will benefit all those concerned.


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 > Would this concept be usefully broadened to include large collections of
 > material made for inventory?  These specimens will eventually end up in
 > large public collections, but in the process of getting there are first a
 > large deposit (of many taxa) in one place (not necessarily a "taxonomic
 > institution"), and then when sorted, sub-collections available for, or
 > destined to, study by both private and public collections/taxonomists,
 > before they finally end up deposited in bulk (or separate) in a public
 > collection (or rarely, a private collection if that is where the relevant
 > taxonomic expertise lies).   Dan Janzen

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