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Daniel Janzen djanzen at SAS.UPENN.EDU
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This thread seems to have forgotten that a HUGE amount of very high quality
collecting, inventory and taxonomy has been done by people doing what they
really LIKE doing - collecting, organizing, understanding a large body of
species and specimens, something that often results in a large personal
collection.  This in turn very commonly ends up in a public repository once
that individual moves on, and the public effort thereby gains a huge
cost-free input.   A great part of the collective knowledge of the
taxasphere rests on a base created by sweat-equity and "private" endeavors,
in various kinds of synergistic combinations with formally funded and
public endeavors.   Private collections are clearly a legitimate motor in
the taxonomic enterprise, irrespective that they can be distorted (usually
only temporarily) through normal human behavior - just as can institutional
protocols and collections.     Dan Janzen

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> Anita,
> Private collections exist, have existed and will continue to exist no
> what you may believe.
> Private collections are often used by researchers at institutions, for
> of university students and, through the continuity brought about by
>founding an organisation to bring about better security for the specimens,
>hopefully  these will still be available for those future endeavours you
>mention long after their individual owners have disappeared from the scene.
> I therefore find your remarks rather puzzling!
> Lynn
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>> Subject: Raw's private collection note
>> Are we moving back in time?  Encouraging private collections undermines
>> everything we have tried to accomplish in terms of specimen preservation
>> teaching, research, and future endeavors!  Museums are the recognized
>> for specimen preservation with the experience, access to object
>> research, an environmental controls that cannot be achieved in private
>> collections.  Why would anyone encourage private collections!
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