Primary types in private collections

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But some people who have collections don't like to
> belong to these groups and I am willing to bet that they will not be
> interested to join an organization of private collectors either.
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> Bernard

Bernard's last statement here is wisdom because it is simply based on
reality.  It is like wanted to register guns to stop crime.  The problem is
that criminals are not going to register (get in a system of checks and
balances), and the honest people (societally assimilated) already have
their guns registered.   So in this arena, the ones who are the problems
will stay the problem and those private collectors/collections already
assimilated into the informational flow will simply continue as before but
with a new title.

Therefore the only real advantage to this that I can see is that one will
simply have a (be able to say) they have "good collection-keeping" seal of


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