Latua pubiflora

Stacey Smith sdsmith4 at STUDENTS.WISC.EDU
Thu Sep 26 11:59:09 CDT 2002

Dear all,
  I am writing to see if someone can help me track down material of a
Chilean plant, Latua pubiflora (Griseb.) Baillon (Solanaceae).  I am doing
a systematic study of the South American subtribe Iochrominae and I would
like to find out whether the intriguing monotypic genus Latua belongs in
this group.  It has urceolate red hummingbird pollinated flowers and
apparently is quite common in the coastal mountains of Chile in the regions
of Valdivia, Osorno and Llanquihue.  For my study I need silica-dried leaf
material and a voucher of the plant would need to be deposited.  I will
gladly send down silica gel and reimburse any shipping costs and travel
costs within reason.
I will be greatly indebted to anyone who can help me acquire fresh material
of this species.
Stacey Smith
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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