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> Doug, I was talking about wildgrowing plants and animals,
> not cultivated ones, also not about trespassing. Also, I
> stated that commercial collection (that is, everything
> that is done for sale, be it the sale of wildflowers or of
> scientific specimens) should be regulated, if it becomes a
> problem for some reason.

Well, I am getting nothing done today with dozens of very interesting
emails on several list serves.  Heike, I agree with all you have said so

Doug, the farmers land is _private_ property.  The National Forest is
_public_ property = my property (as well as yours).  I am thus collecting
on my own property.  The government is my representative and the rangers my
hired stewards.

Then there is the violation of my constitutional right to equal application
of law.  Hunters of animals and birds can get a license to "hunt" (for
recreation) on National Wildlife Refuges, but I am not even afforded the
opportunity to hunt for insects.  (I may swat them though if mosquitoes and
flies or gather them as fish bait.)

Perhaps the next time I am hunting larvae on public lands and I am stopped
for "collecting" I should just pop the specimens in my mouth and say, no I
am eating.  Last I knew it was OK to pick (collect) and _eat_ (berries) on
public lands - so eating is eating.

Ron Gatrelle

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