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Robert Mesibov mesibov at SOUTHCOM.COM.AU
Sat Sep 28 17:47:10 CDT 2002

Trying to keep clear of the private/public flames, but I noticed Doug
Yanega said:

"(assuming that it's impossible to extirpate the species in question by
research collecting - and I don't know a
single scientist who would *actively* collect 500 specimens of *anything* -
the only way that happens is passive bulk trapping)"

Unless we're talking about wee little creatures. Actually, I've
collected >500 specimens myself of quite a few species of
macroinvertebrates. None of the species are rare or threatened. I did the
collecting over ca. 30 years, at numerous localities, taking one or a few
specimens by hand from each site. It's called "voucher sampling" and it's
been the basis for much fine-scale biogeographic work, and is now the basis
for "fine-scale" taxonomy using morphometrics.

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