Private collections

Kenelm Philip fnkwp at AURORA.ALASKA.EDU
Mon Sep 30 13:20:50 CDT 2002

        Since 1970 I have been carrying out the Alaska Lepidoptera
Survey. Although I have affiliations to the University of Alaska, and
to the NMNH (Research Associate), the ALS is a private project--and
has resulted in the second-largest collection of North American arctic
butterflies in the world, and one with better Beringian coverage than
any collection I know of.

        All holotypes have been deposited at the NMNH--and the entire
collection will end up there as well. I categorically disagree with the
idea that I should never have started this project because it's private!
The NMNH appears to disagree as well, since they have provided support
in a number of ways...

                                                        Ken Philip

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