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Hi Everyone,
                       I am writing about the Testudines/Chelonia for my
website (see below), I recently tried to correlate the Red Data Book list of
endangered species with a checklist I obtained from "Tortoises and Turtles
of the World".  Not surprisingly there was quite a degree of variation in
the scientific names.  Can somebody tell me what is the most recently
accepted checklist for this and the other Reptilian orders.  Are their any
recently published lists?  Could somebody send me copies of such a list if
there are any? (I currently live in Bulgaria and have limited English
language resources) Is there anybody here working on the reptiles?  I also
need information on the Amphibians and would like to find an up-to-date
checklist of this group.

Secondly Lepidopterists may like to know that Apollo press has just
published a World Checklist of the Pterophoridea and Alucitoidea  by Cees
Gielis.  It includes appendices of host plants, dipterous parasite and
hymenopteran parasites  as well as a comprehensive bibliography.

                                 Yours in Friendship
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                                         Gordon Ramel
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