Fwd: Pope announces priests to become taxonomists

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Today is April 1st, isn't it?


>This one is an eye-opener. Is there hope for us yet?
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>>Subject: Fwd: Pope announces priests to become taxonomists
>> From Rueters:
>>>April 1, 2003
>>>      In a stunning announcement, Pope John Paul today proclaimed
>>>that he intends to make taxonomy, the science of naming and
>>>classifying organisms, one of the Church's highest priorities, and
>>>called upon his priests to turn to the practice of taxonomy as "a
>>>way of realizing their Divine calling." Citing the Book of Genesis,
>>>the pontiff explained that the first and only task that God gave
>>>Adam to perform was the naming of all the earth's creatures, and
>>>further noted that he has been advised that "most scientists
>>>believe that less than 10 percent of the world's species have
>>>actually been given names as of today." The Pope went on to suggest
>>>that the scientists will never complete this "Divine mission", and
>>>that only if the Church turns its vast resources and manpower to
>>>this problem "can God's first directive to mankind ever be
>>>realized." He asked that his priests make it a goal of their lives
>>>to undertake the naming of as many new species as possible, and to
>>>coordinate their efforts "by forming a Commission whose aim is to
>>>identify gaps in present classification, and delegate
>>>responsibility for filling those gaps." The Pope further invoked
>>>the names of St. Francis of Assisi and the monk Gregor Mendel as
>>>examples of holy men who felt an affinity for God's handiwork as
>>>expressed in the natural world, referring to the practice of naming
>>>creatures as "the world's oldest profession," a remark which his
>>>advisers later apologized for as an unintended phrasing based upon
>>>their translation from Polish to English.
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