Possible Insect damage

Lynn Raw lynn.raw at VIRGIN.NET
Tue Apr 1 21:29:01 CST 2003


Thank you for your comments. I will pass them on to the persons concerned.

As you will see from the website this incident was in a captive chameleon in
Belgium. I don't think that any larvae were seen at the time the damage was


> Bot flies have mammal hosts and do not parasitise reptiles. What you show
> could be myiasis from either blow flies or flesh flies. Obligate reptile
> myiasis producers from these families are known from the New World only,
> captive reptiles are prone to myiasis and several species of flies may be
> suspected here. I know of no reported cases of myiasis from true
> and I suggest breeding out the larva to identify the adult.
> Thomas Pape
> Naturhistoriska riksmuseet

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