Subject: complete citation

David E. Boufford boufford at OEB.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Apr 2 09:51:19 CST 2003

Dear Stacy,

Its in no way complete, and has only a few zoological records, but if you
go to the Harvard Herbaria web site ( and
select Databases, then Publications, you can enter any string of text, for
example, Bidrag or Zool  on the Title/Abbreviation line and hit Enter and
get a list of all records containing that string of text.  You can also
enter a string of any continuous part of an abbreviation (with or without
the punctuation), such as Bull. De to find the full title.

Searches can also be made by entering just a city name, or part of a city
name, for example Petersb for a list of all the publication in the database
from St. Petersburg, although city name has not been added to every
publication record.


 >From: "Stacy J. Mantooth" <stacy.mantooth at ROCKETMAIL.COM>
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  >Subject: complete citation
  >Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 16:09:51 -0800
  >Would someone help me complete the following citation: Zool. Bidrag.
  >Along the same lines, is there a web-based source for "decoding" the
  >abbreviated names of scientific publications?
  >Thanks for the help,
  >Stacy Mantooth
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